Detox & Shop Admission Ticket

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Experience all 3 of our wellness practitioners + PEMF therapy!

Come spend an afternoon in our midtown office for nourishment, education and conversation. Experience 3-4 mini holistic health treatments at Mindful Health™. The services included range from non-invasive vitamin/ mineral screenings and energy work, to natural skin care and PEMF therapy.

  1. Spend 20 minutes with the founder and owner of Mindful Health™, Nicole Glassman, for either an E.A.V to look for the root of a weakened area in your body, customized Nutrition Counseling to shift to more healing and goal-supportive habits, or an intuitive Angel Card Reading for guidance from your guardian angels.

  2. Receive 20 minutes with Anu Abraham for an intuitive bodywork and energy-work session to get to the main cause of dis-ease.

  3. Enjoy 20 minutes with Jennifer Steen for a cleansing facial and walk-through of your current skincare routine to make sure you’re using the best products for your skin.

  4. (Optional) Relax for 20 minutes on a PEMF mat - a non-invasive, painless treatment that works by sending a mild electrical signal to recharge your internal cells.

Also take a moment to shop for wellness-minded gifts while you're here, such as healthy chocolates, candles, crystals, essential oils, gift sets and more.

Plus, snack on healthy and delicious snacks in between appointments and shopping!

You will have a chance to win a “Day of Wellness”, which will include 60 minutes with each practitioner and 1 detox treatment:

- 1 Bio Energetic Evaluation (E.A.V) (60 min)

- 1 Standard Facial (60 min)

- 1 “Release” Session (60 min)

- 1 PEMF Therapy (30 min)